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Re: Using 4GB with amd64 - problems with NVidia graphics kernel driver

Dr.techn. Alexander K. Seewald kiedys napisal:

> Some other comments / issues:
> * forcedeth (up to 0.35): setting the interface to promiscuous mode does
>   not seem to work properly. I've noticed that I need to set this
>   flag to be able to get packets over my gigabit switch. Packets
>   from the forcedeth interface always got "host not reachable".
>   I've deactivated the interface and switched to a 100MBit card with
>   NatSemi. The internal NVidia chipset is clearly more suited for
>   gigabit ethernet and is connected outside the PCI bus, but
>   currently I do not need gigabit ethernet.

I have switched from first network adapter to second (based on Marvell) and
it seems to be ok but if I find enoght time, I will check it again (kernel
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