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strange behavior of GDM

Hi All!

Sometimes, after gdm starts and when the login appears, I am not able to
use the keyboard - when I try to enter the username and password - I
press the buttons but nothing appears on the screen. The mouse, however,
works fine. So I can do nothing. The keayboard doesn't react at all - I
cannot switch to one of the virtual terminals - so I just press reset
button. This happens not often though. Does anybody here encounter this
kind of behaviour?

Another problem. After I login a small window appears that says: "Error:
I've detected a panel already running and will now exit." I press OK on
the window and the window disappears until next reboot. I just
reinstalled debian yesterday and didn't configure anything in gdm. Can I
do something about it, or is it a bug?

My system: debian amd64 sid (gnome 2.10) on hp pavilion zv5260.

Sincerely yours,
Alexandru Cardaniuc

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