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Re: security packages on amd 64

Filippo Giunchedi <filippo@esaurito.net> writes:

> Nicholas P. Mueller wrote:
>> Hello, new to Debian, AMD64,
>> from some searching I found a message in the list that said security 
>> updates for the amd64 port would be released after the release of Sarge:
>> http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2005/05/msg00860.html
>> Does anyone out there know the timeline for these updates to become 
>> available via security.debian.org?  When I put security.debian.org  into
>> my sources list for apt-get, it bails.  When I looked into the  file
> indeed, I don't know the timeline, however in the meantime couldn't
> (unofficial) security updates being built from sources in s.d.o and put
> somewhere on amd64.debian.net and thus distributed to mirrors?
> filippo

We are waiting on James Troup to activate amd64 on the security
servers. The buildd is otherwise setup and running.

For the time being all security builds are uploaded to
sarge-proposed-updates on amd64.debian.net and people should add that
to the sources.list for now and just till sec.d.o gets reconfigured
for us.


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