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Re: strange behavior of GDM

On Thursday 07 July 2005 03:10 am, Alexandru Cardaniuc wrote:
> Hi All!
> Sometimes, after gdm starts and when the login appears, I am not able to
> use the keyboard - when I try to enter the username and password - I
> press the buttons but nothing appears on the screen. The mouse, however,
> works fine. So I can do nothing. The keayboard doesn't react at all - I
> cannot switch to one of the virtual terminals - so I just press reset
> button. This happens not often though. Does anybody here encounter this
> kind of behaviour?
I've had one similar occurrence after an apt-get dist-upgrade during the time 
period when repositories were changing from alioth (I was confused about 
which sources to use, and may have caused the problem myself with a quirky 

This happened with amd64 unstable, using kdm and icewm-experimental.  I don't 
know the cause (and it hasn't happened since), but I was able to ssh into the 
machine and perform a normal shutdown.  If you have another computer, you can 
avoid using the reset button and at least get out gracefully.


Dan Cherry
dscherry @ bellsouth.net

Remember to occasionally say 'Thanks' to someone who contributes to Open 
Source Software

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