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Re: random system hang

Yet another "Me too" message.

I've seen this happen a lot on a Tyan Mobo with 2 Opterons (can't
recall the exact model but I could look it up). For us, disabling the
xscreensaver solved it. I can't pinpoint it to one specific
screensaver (we even stress tested a lot of them) but _almost_
everytime it crashed it was running xscreensaver. The times it crashed
without xscreensaver, I believe that the screensaver could be just

Our first guess went into the amd64 java package from sun, but after
removing all the java apps from there it kept crashing. It kept
crashing when we started using the x86 java so... we then removed the
screensaver and it never crashed ever since. We're using the DPMS
stuff to turn off the monitor and nothing else.

Since you're all seeing problems in X maybe this is related and YMMV :)


On 6/21/05, Thomas Steffen <steffen.list.account@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 6/18/05, Ron Farrer <rbf@debian.org> wrote:
> > I guess I didn't "knock on wood" quick enough or something. After I sent
> > my reply I left for lunch and apon returning (1 hour) the thing was locked
> > up!
> >
> > I went over to another machine, logged in via ssh. I looked at the CPU
> > usage and X was pegging one of the CPUs out to 100% usage.
> It might just be the X server going crazy. Since it runs as root, it
> can take the whole system down if it crashes. You may try to compile
> "Magic keys" into the kernel, so that you can kill the server using
> the keyboard.
> But what I would really recommend is to try X.org 6.8 from ubuntu. It
> has solved many many problems for me (ATI card), and my machine rans
> fine now.
> > So I tried to run "less
> > /var/log/messages" and it hung.
> Hm... I had some issues with my SATA drive. The connection was not
> reliable, so that it would "unplugg" itself. A new cable fixed that.
> Is /var/log/messages on the SATA drive?
> Thomas

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