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Re: security support

Pavel Jurus <jurus@cs.cas.cz> writes:

> Thank you,
> this clears up the situation. I was initially asking because I was asked
> what should be put into the /etc/apt/sources.list to get the security
> updates. I searched the web and lists and this information is nowhere to
> find. I can imagine that with the release, porters and ftp-masters are
> quite busy, but it might be good idea to create security sarge/updates
> repository for amd64 even if it would have empty Packages file at the
> beginning (btw I just checked i386 security updates and they are not
> empty anymore).
> Pavel

Actualy if you install now the installer should check for security
updates (and give a failure message currently) and add a commented out
line to the sources.list.

Once certain people come back from their holidy and add repository for
amd64 it should even add the full entry there like on any other arch.

If you installed prior to Jun 12th (I think) the security question
wasn't asked and no commented out line was added.


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