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Re: 3.1, megaraid2 install cd

John Madden wrote:
I've seen this in the archives already, so my apologies if this is starting to
sound like a broken record to some, but...

The current install cd doesn't allow installations on the PE1850 due to its raid
controller only being supported by the megaraid2 driver, only available for stock
kernels 2.6.9 and later (AFAIK).  This is obviously a uh, big problem for anyone
wishing to install debian-amd64.  I'm really hoping to not have to resort to
installing Ubuntu on this series of machines, having already resorted to it for a
machine installed before the official unofficial release.

I saw at http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2005/04/msg00415.html that the
installer previously shipped with 2.6.10, thus avoiding the problem, but that it
was later rolled back to 2.6.8.  Unfortunately, those ISO's no longer exist, so
having made no progress toward making my own cd, I'm looking for one of two

- Does anyone have one of the most recent copies of the working 2.6.10-based ISO's
that will allow a normal 3.1-amd64 installation, or:
- Does anyone know of a place offering install ISO's supporting the newer
hardware, much like we saw linked from Dell's pages to prop up woody?  If
necessary, I can provide testing -- after all, I've already burned through half a
dozen failed attempts at my own boot cd's!


I knew keeping a copy of this around would come in handy, have fun!


A note that I have still from my install on a 2850, when booting, use noexec=off so that the grub install will work. It will be interesting to see if anything else has changed since the sarge release.

Joel Johnson
Unix Administrator
Information School
University of Washington

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