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Re: 3.1, megaraid2 install cd

> I knew keeping a copy of this around would come in handy, have fun!
> http://mirrors.kecra.com/debian-installer-amd64-20050214.iso

Excellent, I was hoping to hear from you in particular, Joel.  Thanks for keeping
that copy around.  I'll give it a go in a few minutes and post back how it goes.

> A note that I have still from my install on a 2850, when booting, use
> noexec=off so that the grub install will work. It will be interesting to
> see if anything else has changed since the sarge release.

Might it be worthwhile to maintain a newer boot image, similar to what woody did
with the 'bf24' option, even if it is at this point a separate iso?


John Madden
UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

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