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Re: 3.1, megaraid2 install cd

Joel Johnson <joel48@ischool.washington.edu> writes:

> John Madden wrote:
> I knew keeping a copy of this around would come in handy, have fun!
> http://mirrors.kecra.com/debian-installer-amd64-20050214.iso
> A note that I have still from my install on a 2850, when booting, use
> noexec=off so that the grub install will work. It will be interesting
> to see if anything else has changed since the sarge release.

Please don't keep realy old images around as they are mostly unusable
or still have the unupgradable libc6/base-files combination.

It might be ok to keep this particular image (if someone can test it
still works) till etch images are being build witht the 2.6.11 (or
later) kernel. But we had many old problems, esspecialy the
libc6/base-files change, come up again and again due to outdated
images being still distributed.


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