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Re: Now that I have working box, any problems with LVM?

Hi David and others,

> I have been using LVM with debian/amd64 since I first set up the box, 
> including the root FS - a relatively long time now. It is quite stable, I 
> can tell you that much. I myself use reiserfs, which you can, along with 
> LVM, resize online and so forth. It's not your only filesystem choice by 
> any means; I won't get into that whole debate.   :)

I know, that's a subject that has generated more than it's share of
flamewars in itself }:-)

I myself tend to stay a bit on the conservative side when making these
choices. Up to now I still use ext3, but I am considering ReiserFS for
the new box...

> At the time I set up, the installer had menu choices for installing over 
> LVM, but these were broken. I had to install on a non LVM partition, set 
> up LVM by hand, and copy over (which wasn't so hard, really). Not sure if 
> this is fixed in later installer releases.

I didn't try yet, but I seem to remember seeing an option for LVM during
the install. I might just try it out. I can always start anew if it
proves to be broken.

> You're always going to have at least your little /boot filesystem 
> (containing your kernel and initrd) outside of LVM.

Thanks. I suspected as much, but wasn't sure.

> The tricky piece was getting the root filesystem in LVM; for that you need 


> Overall it's about remembering, too, that everytime you rebuild your 
> kernel image packages you have to go through this procedure and create a 
> working ramdisk, along with a custom grub/menu.lst that uses it. Of course 
> the debian kernel image scripts wipe out whatever grub configuration you 
> have in place and replace it with the generic one that won't work...

Good info there. 

I've decided to go for it, but am still not sure whether I'll add / to
LVM too. Most of the time I make separate partitions for /, /var, /tmp,
/usr, /usr/local and /home (in that order). All the other filesystems
will go in LVM. I figure I'll just start experimenting with / in and out
of LVM and see what "feels" best to me. That way I can get a good feel
for things.

> If you're interested in doing this, I can email you sample configs and 
> other details...

I would appreciate that very much. I'd give me something to build on.

Grx HdV

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