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Re: POSIX RW locks (pthread_rwlock_wrlock) issues on amd64/sarge 64bit.

Hello Karel,

El vie, 10-06-2005 a las 22:04 +0200, Karel Gardas escribió:

> I do have amd64 box with relased sarge/amd64 installed. I'm using 
> gcc-3.4.x from debian package and I have multi-threading application which 
> strangely blocks on the call to pthread_rwlock_wrlock function. The 
> problem is, I'm 100% sure the lock is not hold by any reader, so wrlock 
> should succeed and continue w/o blocking. I'm also sure that this software 
> shouldn't be buggy in this domain, since it happily runs in 32bit chroot 
> of sarge compiled by the same compiler (just 32bit inside chroot) and also 
> it runs well on 64bit solaris10 compiled by sunstudio10 compiler into 
> 64bit executables.

There is a TV app whose name I don't remember that I seem to recall was
supposed to suffer the same problem on AMD64. There was a patch floating
around that changed the rwlock calls to use a different locking
mechanism, but I don't know if anybody was working on fixing the real

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