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Re: Rescue CD wanted: 2.6.10, SATA and XFS

Lennart Sorensen wrote:

>I recently migrated to ext3 from xfs since 2.6.10 and lower at least
>would regularly leak enough memory that the system ran out of memory.
>That is on a system using md raid1 on two sata drives, with lvm on top,
>running xfs in a couple of LVs.  It is now all ext3 and I haven't had a
>problem since, and the performance of the filesystem has gone up by an
>awful lot.  I didn't think it was really that bad before, but now I
>realize just how slowly it was performing.
>I hope someday the XFS code becomes usable in the mainstream kernel.

XFS is by far the best file system supported by Linux but only when it
works. For complex installations, like yours, XFS might not be the best
choice. I consider it under development where one version might work
while another might blow up the file system. But performance wise, on a
normal device, xfs is by far the fastest and much more compact. I know
that from my experience, df reported 6/20G used when using xfs, but
10/20G used when I just moved the file system to ext3.

The caveat is that xfs, between and for some kernel releases, is not yet
nearly as stable as ext3.

- Adam

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