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Re: Rescue CD wanted: 2.6.10, SATA and XFS

On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 10:50:43AM -0400, Wes Williams wrote:
> I've been very happy with XFS and have migrated TOWARDS XFS all around, save
> the boot partition.  BTW, being able to boot from XFS would be a nice touch!
> What problems in particular are you experiencing with XFS and NFS/Samba?

I recently migrated to ext3 from xfs since 2.6.10 and lower at least
would regularly leak enough memory that the system ran out of memory.

That is on a system using md raid1 on two sata drives, with lvm on top,
running xfs in a couple of LVs.  It is now all ext3 and I haven't had a
problem since, and the performance of the filesystem has gone up by an
awful lot.  I didn't think it was really that bad before, but now I
realize just how slowly it was performing.

I hope someday the XFS code becomes usable in the mainstream kernel.

Len Sorensen

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