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RE: Rescue CD wanted: 2.6.10, SATA and XFS

I've been very happy with XFS and have migrated TOWARDS XFS all around, save
the boot partition.  BTW, being able to boot from XFS would be a nice touch!

What problems in particular are you experiencing with XFS and NFS/Samba?

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On 06/10/05 12:09:35PM +0200, Thomas Steffen wrote:
> On 6/10/05, Ed <edd@avenuedesign.net> wrote:
> > Knoppix meets the requirements. Beware XFS with NFS and/or Samba. I have
> > recently moved all my clients systems off XFS.
> I agree. As I posted before, I am not happy with XFS either, but I
> have not made the effort yet to change it. I will probably change the
> system partition to reiserfs as soon as the system is up again :-)

OT, but IMO reiserfs is a huge stepbackwards from XFS...

> And Knoppix does support SATA now? Unfortunately, my mainbord has no
> ATA emulation, so I do need the SATA drivers from kernel 2.6.10 or
> later. Can you recommend a "small" variant of Knoppix? I do have ADSL,
> but 700 MB still take some time...

Knoppix 3.9 comes with 2.6.11, so if your driver is in 2.6.10 you should be
fine. If you use BitTorrent the download should fly, according to the
tracker there's 400 seeds on the EN version.

> Thomas


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