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Re: Are there jigdo-images for sarge amd64?

tony mancill <tony@mancill.com> writes:

>>> PS: Would you prefer a dual layer dvd iso instead of 2 single layer
>>> images? Last I checked amd64 would fit on one.
>> A release of a dual layer dvd image would be a good thing, if it isn't
>> too complicated to do.
> FWIW, given that (at least here in the USs) dual-layer media still costs
> about about 10x more than single layer for end consumers, I think users and
> vendors alike might get more value out of (2) SL images.  That, however, is
> merely my opinion.
> tony

Buying blank media that is true. But if you master 10000 Debian DVD sets
doing 10k dual layer might be cheaper than 2x 10k single layer. It is
also much more convenient not having to swap DVDs mid installation.

But that is why I asked. I don't have a clue what what costs.


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