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Re: amd64 porters IRC meeting: preparations for sarge

Thomas Steffen <steffen.list.account@gmail.com> writes:

> On 4/25/05, Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:
> [openoffice and libraries]
>> It's probably easier to write an installer that fetches and installes
>> the i386 debs on the fly.
> Maybe it is just because of my research background, but I am looking
> for a solution that can be generalised. So it should work for other
> applications, too, including third party binaries if possible (think
> alien).
> And I have to admit that an automated installer has its benefits
> there. You could just give it an executable, and it checks and updates
> the chroot, sets the library pathes etc... and it could interact with
> dpkg in both systems, which means that it could bridge the "dependency
> divide".

If you have a chroot that is simple:

'apt-get install foobar' in the chroot
dpkg --force-architecture -i /chroot/var/cache/apt/foobar*deb

Thats enough in many cases already. But if foobar needs other binaries
that you don't have outside the chroot you have to install them too.

> So does it generalise to true multiarch support? Yes, I think it
> could. It wouldn't matter which architecture you have, and which you
> want to run, the problem is always (mostly) the same.

The multiarch proposal works without chroot and always works. Having
the libs in chroots and the binary in / won't work with plugins or
libs that load other files at runtime.

> The only question is how it relates to dpkg/apt-get. Is it like a
> generalisation of dpkg, with multiarch support? No, dpkg would still
> be used. Maybe like apt-get with multiarch support? Yes, that seems
> closer. Or is it more like alien, a stop gap that usually works? In
> the beginning, most likely yes.
> And the beauty is that the existing infrastructure does not have to be
> changed at all.
> Thomas

All this is just bandaid till sarge is out of the way and true
multiarch can be uploaded to debian. So support to do anything cludgy
for sarge is very limited.


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