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amd64 porters IRC meeting: preparations for sarge


This is a reminder on the IRC meeting taking place on next 
saturday, April 23rd - the scedule was now set for 0700 UTC.

The meeting will take place in #debian-amd64 on irc.oftc.net. 

The agenda is as follows:

- the sarge release of debian-amd64

- patched versions of packages in sarge
  * patch D-I docs and choose-mirror for amd64? 

- security updates

- CD and DVD installation media
  * include i386 debs for a chroot on the CD/DVD set?

- Which combinations of sarge/testing/sid vs GCC versions ... to 
  continue running buildd's for.

- Should debian-amd64 actively push multiarch forward (to merge 
  i386 and amd64)? Should we have packages with matching names that 
  provide amd64 script wrappers for running chrooted i386 binaries ?

- future of debian-amd64-gcc-4.0 

Last-minute additions will be posted here:


Everyone interested is invited to join.

Kind regards
Frederik Schueler


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