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Re: ASUS A8V-E Deluxe working

> You mean it says not to worry that you can't do it wrong?  Quite likely
> given the connector has shapped plastic around some pins so that it can
> only fit in one place (unlike some of the old AT power connectors where
> you had to remember black went in the middle).  I would be surprised if
> the new 24pin connector is not just a 20pin ATX combined with the 4pin
> P4 12V connector in one, so that a new board can still use the older
> power supply with the seperate connectors.  But having not seen the new
> 24pin connector myself, I am only guessing.

As I wrote a moment ago, the connector is keyed to prevent misuse. The
4-pin 12V connector is separate and still needed, whether you connect
a 24-pin or 20-pin power supply.


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