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Re: AMD64 small form factor

Guillaume Laurès wrote:
Le 6 mars 05, à 00:39, Morten Bo Johansen a écrit :
Seagate Sata 120 GB sata150 7200.7 Rpm / NCQ disk on the first
sata contoller.
It seems we are several people stuck with Seagate SATA disks on nforce3.
I don't know if Manuele and Zsolt made some progress, but as for me I'm stuck as you are.

I'm sorry, but I've got Maxtor disks, not Seagate ones :-)

BTW, no progresses with my problem :-( I hadn't time to check my disks with the (proprietary) diagnostic tool from Maxtor, it seems not compatible with nforce3-250 and I need to find another motherboard :-O


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