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Re: AMD64 small form factor

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 19:25 -0800, Alex Perry wrote:
> (1)  Does anybody have experience of Debian/Sid/AMD64 _not_ working on 
> the Shuttle SN85 or SN95 motherboards - that are in their XPC units ?
> (2)  Does anybody know of an Athlon64 motherboard that is mini-ITX, or 
> preferably the smaller 5 inch form factor, for embedded applications ?

Embedded?  That's gonna be really hot.

The Athlon M(obile), which, AFAICT, is pin compatible with the 
AthlonXP, generates a *lot* less heat than the others, and would
be very good in an embedded system.

Out of curiosity, and if you can tell us, why do you need all that
A64 juice in a SFF?

> (3)  If there is something out there, maybe not yet a product but for 
> which at least three prototypes are expected to be available by August, 
> I'd be interested in receiving an unsolicited NDA document in the mail.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
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