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Re: sata disk failure?

Hi Zsolt and others following this thread,

For now I have no solution... exept the trick I tell below. So the problem is stil there, but there is some progress too. I hope this will help the developpers to narrow the problem down.

I noticed something stange. If I manage to mount my sata drive and use it fast enough (that is, before the bunch of "device removed" happens), I can use the disk without any problem ! As soon as the drive is idle for some 20-30s, the error comes back and I can't use the drive anymore.

During my first test I managed to copy over 3Gigs of .ogg files (823 files total) off of the sata drive to a pata one, and the sata disk went out _after_ the rsync was finished. Not sure about how much time after however. After a reboot I was able to copy 5-6 gigs of .nuv mpeg2 files (yeah this is a mythtv box...) and copy them back to a newly formatted partition on the sata drive before it went out, again _after_ some idle time (_not_ during the test which lasted at least 10-15 mins). Those tests were done on 2.6.10, I can try do do them again with 2.6.11-rc4 if needed.

Does it help to narrow the problem down ? I think is some developpers helps me to put some debugging information into the sata_nv.ko we may be able to figure out what's wrong. I'm gom on #debian-amd64@freenode.

Another strange thing is that my last partition on the sata drive (170gigs) was almost full when it was used in my previous mythtv machine (kernel 2.4 with some sort of pata emulation, not on nforce3 but on intel hardware) and now the partition has 74Gigs of empty space. I wonder if there is some 138G barrier as Manuele tells.



Le 16 févr. 05, à 13:56, Zsolt KOZAK a écrit :

Hi Guillaume,

I've just noticed your problem on debian-amd64 list. I've just installed a new Debian system and I've run into this problem also.... Nforce3 motherboard, SATA discs (2 200G Seagate). Hvae you got any solution? Or do you have still the problem? What about driver developers? I noticed you cc-ed them into your messages.

best regards,

On 2005-02-15 23:38, Guillaume Laurčs wrote:

Thanks for your help Jeff.

During my experiments I plugged an unpluged the drive numerous times. I also tried another SATA cable, but same thing. Even on the other motherboard SATA plug. I closely examined the drive and it seems right. like new in fact. The motherboard is even newer, and so is the cable.

Is your idea consistent with the fact that the drive is _alays_ recognized in the bios, and _always_ recognized in linux ? All the time it fails with the messages "nv_sata: Primary/Secondary device removed" a few seconds after the console promt is displayed. Sometimes I have the time to mount the drive, sometimes not even.



Le 15 févr. 05, ŕ 17:50, Jeff Garzik a écrit :

Guillaume Laurčs wrote:

Here is a small report in attachement, done with 2.6.11-rc4.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- -- -- * Hardware is nforce3 250GB, booting debian pure64 on pata (Maxtor 30Gb 6E030L0) drive. The goal is to mount data found on a sata disk (seagate 200Gb ST3200822AS). The pata drive holds / and lvm partition with /usr, /var /tmp and /home. The ultimate goal is to switch all this to the sata drive, which already holds a (barely used) swap partition.
 * Soon after boot the console displays:
nv_sata: Primary device removed
nv_sata: Primary device removed
nv_sata: Primary device removed
nv_sata: Primary device removed

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