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Re: Debconf and other outdated packages

I've finally installed X's -dev-10 packages from pure64 (remember I'm using gcc-3.4 for everything else) and wxwidgets2.5 compiles perfectly with gcc (GCC) 3.4.4 20050203 (prerelease) (Debian 3.4.3- using apt-source wxwidgets2.5 install/build. I guess the gcc that was used at the time in Aliath was buggy.

Well, to be honest, I didn't have the 1GB+ of disk space necessary to build the full package, but Alioth didn't get past the configure stage.

How do I reproduce a run of the builder in my computer so I can attempt to spot the problem?

Thanks for all,

Andreas Jochens wrote:
On 05-Feb-10 23:08, Javier Kohen wrote:


Is it possible that some packages are still missing? For instance the X server is -8, whereas pure64 has -10.

When I upgraded pure64 to gcc-3.4 I had to leave the -10 packages installed because they have some important fixes. Today I was trying to find out why wxwidgets2.5's compilation is failing (see below), but I couldn't readily install the -dev packages I need to compile it because I don't have the X's -dev packages corresponding to the binaries I've installed. Maybe I should also install X's -dev packages from pure64 for now.

On a second look to wxwidgets2.5 compilation's log in gcc-3.4/buildd-logs it looks like it's downloading the build dependencies from pure64, as it's actually fetching the -10-dev X packages. Anyway, in case somebody knows before hand about this problem, the error message is:
checking for strcasecmp() in string.h... no
checking for strcasecmp() in strings.h... no
configure: error: No case-insensitive string comparison function found.
make: *** [configure-gtk-shared-stamp] Error 1

I have compiled the X -10 version but when I installed it on my own
workstation, something went wrong and I could not start X anymore.
Because of this, I did not yet upload the new version. In the meantime
I found that the 'bdftopcf' binary in my -10 version does not work properly and consequently X does not find some necessary fonts on startup.

I will upload -10 as soon as I have fixed this.

Thanks again for the report.

Andreas Jochens

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