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Re: sid installation to SATA disk

Lennart Sorensen wrote:

Yeah linux is unfortunately one of the few unixes that does NOT have
device names that map directly to a scsi bus,id,lun of the device.  A
real shame and very odd given how ide is handled.  Of course I think
with devfs is did have such devices for scsi, although I don't know if
udev does.
You can setup a udev policy so that you have a /dev/discs directory with all your discs enumerated, ala devfs. I personally wish this was the default for debian, because while more verbose, the devfs naming policy really makes more sense.

It doesn't not solve the problem that ide drives are not scsi drives though, and don't appear under the scsi hiearchy.

To be fair though, even if they did, the bus,id,lun may have changed anyway because the driver changed, and the enumeration order would have changed.

Frankly, having dependenable naming in that case would be nice, but I simply don't trust the kernel developers for that kind of consistent behavior.

SGI went as far to extend the SCSI layer (xscsi) to provide persistent naming for FC and SCSI arrays.


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