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sid installation to SATA disk

Thank you for your advice.  I know it's a lost cause.  And SATA
behaves more like SCSI.
But I like two thing about IDE incomparison to SCSI.
1) It can have up to 63 partitions.  SCSI device is allowed only
15 partitions.  I need to adapt to LVM, I know.
2) No change of device name: If you connect to hdf, it is hdf
regardless of you installed hde.  If your SCSI device detection
is in different order, then suddenly sdc is your sda.  It's a
kind of a relative world.  And it's hard to know sometimes where
you are!

But it has decided upstream somewhere, I simply need to adapt to
it.  I really appreciate your advice, but I want to mention my

Toshikazu Aiyama

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