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Re: sid installation to SATA disk

Toshikazu Aiyama, Ph.D. wrote:
---Goswin wrote

I do not want to talk too aloud, but I do not want to ide-SATA treated like
a SCSI, which it is not.  I care less about which SCSI device is sda,
and so on.  Just leave us ide-SATA as hde,  and so on in any debian
stock kernel.
You'll be stuck on 2.4 forever then.

The SATA driver moving from being IDE drivers to SCSI ones is an upstream (i.e., Linus) kernel change, because the IDE SATA drivers suck. There's nothing you can do about.

The best way I've found to avoid the issue is to install on a 2.6 kernel from the beginning (passing linux26 to debian-installer).

It's an issue I've seen come up on forums I frequent more than a few times now.


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