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sid installation to SATA disk

---Goswin wrote

>Different kernels have modules in a different order. Whatever gets
>loaded first becomes sda.

>This realy sucks and mkinitrd should realy strongly suggest and
>support using e2lables or uuid for the root device instead.

Frankly I care less about what you are talking about.  The key is
consistency.  If during the 1st stage installation the installer say
such and such disk is the sda, then at the second stage boot up the
identical disk should be sda.  It shouldn't suddenly chage to sdb.

I do not want to talk too aloud, but I do not want to ide-SATA treated like
a SCSI, which it is not.  I care less about which SCSI device is sda,
and so on.  Just leave us ide-SATA as hde,  and so on in any debian
stock kernel.

Anyway, we are very thankful to Goswin.  Your group of people have
played an indispensable role in debian-amd64.  Thank you.

Toshikazu Aiyama

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