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Re: CPU frequency scaling on AMD64 laptop

Some of the amd64 laptops require that you use ACPI to detect the available 
frequency states.  Does your kernel have the options


set?  If not, try setting those and see if it helps.

Good luck!


On Sunday 13 February 2005 09:34, Lukáš Oliva wrote:
>   Hi,
> I have a AMD64 Acer notebook and I can not make the cpufreq, powernowd
> or cpudyn make working. The problem is that it seems not to have a
> correct cpufreq interface. I tried to load modules acpi-cpufreq, but it
> returns me thet deviceš does not exist. I tried to recompile the last
> kernel (2.6.11-rc3), because I read somewhere, that problem is in
> kernel, but no success.
>   As I read on AMD pages, the processor should support CPU frequency
> scaling. Did anyone succeed in running it or it is just my problem? I
> also tried to search my notebook on linux-compatibility, but the problem
> of ACPI and cpufreq was not closely described here, although the
> notebook was there considered to be nearly all right.
> I am running Debian Sarge sid on it and it is Acer Aspire 1524. I would
> be grateful for any comment.
> Lukas

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