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Re: AMD64 Compat List

At school I studied a strange law kwnon also as second thermodynamic
principle, which state that heat flows from a higher temberature body
to a lower temperature body. For this reason, NEVER should happen that
the heatsink has a temperature higher than the CPU (heat source)
whichever fan you apply ;-)

On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 10:09:03 +0000, Daniel James <daniel@mondodesigno.com> wrote:
> Hi Per,
> > the M/B temp is higher than the CPU temp
> This might be right if your CPU cooling is particularly efficient, or 
> your box otherwise has inadequate ventilation. I have a heatpipe 
> cooler on my Opteron, and if I turn up the CPU fan I can make it 
> cooler than the rest of the system at idle. Right now it's 32C system 
> and 33C CPU with the fan running quiet.
> 45C does sound way too hot for a motherboard with a CPU at 36C, so in 
> your case it does sound as though the values have been swapped. 
> > and the 
> > CPU temp is lower than the temp I'm getting from a probe attached
> > to the heatsink.
> That's just as it should be, because you want the heat to be rising 
> into the heatsink and not staying in the CPU core. If it was the 
> other way round then it would probably mean there was poor contact 
> between CPU and heatsink, with an air gap where the thermal compound 
> should be.
> Cheers!
> Daniel
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