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Re: AMD64 Compat List

Hi Alessandro,

> At school I studied a strange law kwnon also as second
> thermodynamic principle, which state that heat flows from a higher
> temberature body to a lower temperature body. For this reason,
> NEVER should happen that the heatsink has a temperature higher than
> the CPU (heat source) whichever fan you apply ;-)

You could be right, but as CPU use is bursty and the heatsink is 
surrounded by insulating air, the heatsink might still be hot after 
the CPU has cooled. And isn't the radiator in a house hotter at the 
top than at the bottom?

All I know for sure is:

1. hot CPU and cold heatsink is a bad sign

2. not to put my finger on a heatsink while computer is in use : )


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