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Re: Re: xorg, transparency and ati drivers

f.carone wrote:
I was originally interested in the improved open source Radeon code with
DRI and have not tried the composite and transparency in your

 Try it if you can, as I'd like to know if this is an issue of my
installation or not. Googling a bit, it seems this 'slowlyness'
affects ATI cards but not nVidia ones.



I found the xcompmgr and transset at ubuntu. The first time I had the
transparency enabled caused the Xserver to almost freeze. That was
much worse than just being slow. I have been trying a few more settings
without any solution. I need to read more about the new special effects
before I know if my configuration is correct. They probably won't be
widely implemented for quite a while anyway. My first experience was
bad although I could see the transparency in action.

I am still very happy with the new Xorg X11 compared to the old Xfree86.


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