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Re: AMD64 Compat List

Hi Per,

> the M/B temp is higher than the CPU temp

This might be right if your CPU cooling is particularly efficient, or 
your box otherwise has inadequate ventilation. I have a heatpipe 
cooler on my Opteron, and if I turn up the CPU fan I can make it 
cooler than the rest of the system at idle. Right now it's 32C system 
and 33C CPU with the fan running quiet.

45C does sound way too hot for a motherboard with a CPU at 36C, so in 
your case it does sound as though the values have been swapped. 

> and the 
> CPU temp is lower than the temp I'm getting from a probe attached
> to the heatsink.

That's just as it should be, because you want the heat to be rising 
into the heatsink and not staying in the CPU core. If it was the 
other way round then it would probably mean there was poor contact 
between CPU and heatsink, with an air gap where the thermal compound 
should be.


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