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Re: Libglade2-2.4.1-2 not in gcc-3.4

On 05-Feb-03 18:19, Michal Schmidt wrote:
> I reported the segfault with apt-src a week ago to this mailing list 
> with the subject "gcc-3.4: apt-src crashes with SIGSEGV". I also 
> described a workaround (recompile libapt-pkg-perl with g++-4.0).

I recompiled libapt-pkg-perl with g++-4.0 and uploaded the new version
to the gcc-3.4 archive on alioth.

Could you try 'apt-get install --reinstall libapt-pkg-perl apt-src'
to verify if it works now?

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Andreas Jochens

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