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Re: AMD64 mainboard with X-PCI ?

Am 2004-10-23 21:03:40, schrieb In The Night:
> Some snippet from another news-site:
> The New PCI bus; PCI Express
> One of the biggest changes to the PC this year will be the introduction of a new PC bus called PCI Express (PCIX). PCIX will replace the current PCI bus that has a speed of 133 Mb/s, with a new bus that has speeds that start at 250 Mb/s and can scale to over 1000 Mb/s.
> PCIX will also replace the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP). So new graphics cards will no longer have to fit in only one slot.
> Motherboards with the PCIX bus should start appearing this Summer, so new graphics cards that use the PCIX bus should start appearing shortly thereafter. Makes you wonder if we'll see new PCIX motherboards with AGP slots for those that want to keep using their AGP cards.
> If they're not totally wrong, then:
> PCI-X = PCI Express


My MSI-Mainboard K8D Master 3 has 3 PCI-X slots, this is NOT "PCI Express"

They have the same form like the 32/33 PCI slots but only longer

PCI-X	=	64 Bit 33/66/100/133 MHz

On my MSI I have tow white and one gree PCX-X slot, which are 64Bit and 
33/66 for the white and 33/66/100/133 for the green one.

The slot for PCI Express is an other form as the PCI/PCI-X


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