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Re: AMD64 mainboard with X-PCI ?

On Saturday 23 October 2004 20:44, Andreas Bittner wrote:
> jftr:
> pci, pci-x and pcie

Here is my two pence, to this thread. <since its a lttle off topic 

Here is a good article that describes pci-express in good detail.

Well we all know that the Nforce4 will be hitting retail anytime now, 
which includes pcie, or pci-express. Also can you tell the difference 
between a 32 v 64 bit Gigabit card? If my memory serves me right 
their is not much of a difference, in some tests that I read some 
time ago, a 32 bit card ran better than a 64 bit card. Also do you 
have jumbo frames enabled on your switch, or router to take advantage 
of the supposed increased speed.  

Don't forget that pcie network cards are available right now, but 
since no one has done an article reviewing the difference between 
pcie, and pci, pci-x cards, the benefits might not be that much of a 

Like others have stated in this thread, latency and the pci-bus, hard 
dirve access speeds are probable bigger factors. Even with onboard 
Gigabit, I have not seen any real world tests, that can show a really 
big increase in speed, I see some good improvements in cpu usage, 
that depends more on the Gigabit chip, and its implementation than 
what slot it fits in. 


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