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Re: AMD64 mainboard with X-PCI ?

There won't be any A64 boards with more than PCI 32-bit 33mhz.

This is a chipset limitation as all current chipsets only support PCI 32-bit 33mhz. I have never seen a 32-bit 66mhz slot (doesn't mean it doesn't exist but highly unlikely on the A64 platform), most of the 66mhz devices are connected to 64-bit slots.

Look for motherboards with the AMD-8131/8132 chipset but you'll most likely find them only on dual Opteron boards in EATX form factor.


Michelle Konzack wrote:

Am 2004-10-22 17:38:02, schrieb Kyuu Eturautti:

I haven't tried network cards, but I have some Adaptec 29160 64-bit SCSI
controllers in 32 bit slots and I haven't run into any problems on Athlon
64 or other systems with only PCI-32/33 slots.

I know, but I need 64-Bit CPU and speed on network.
I have checked more then 30 AMD-64 mainboards but they have only
PCI-32/33 and not PCI-32/66.

If I can find an AMD-64 mainboard with minimum one 66MHz PCI slot
it will me help too.


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