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Re: AMD64 mainboard with X-PCI ?

Am 2004-10-22 07:50:29, schrieb Alex Perry:
> Michelle Konzack wrote:
> >This is what I curently do, but get not more then 20 MByte/Second
> >using the Intel EtherExpress pro 1000MT. 
> >
> Are you sure that the data source (wget file or whatever) is RAM 
> resident ?  That looks suspiciously like an IDE read limit or similar. 
> I've had non-64 bit athlons running at over 90% of the wire theoretical 
> limit on a pair of intel gigabit cards without much trouble ... but it 
> took some thought to structure the benchmark to make sure (a) the 
> packets contained valid data and (b) other subsystems weren't limiting 
> the flow rate.

I have a 3w7506 (Raid-5) in my FileServer with 3 x 250 GByte UDMA133
and in my Workststion 3w75xx as 2-Chanel Raid-1

I think fast enough...

> Alex.


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