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Re: Buggy Eterm (Was: Re: Install report: Asus K8N-E (deluxe))

I've got the same problem, but it seems that Eterm works correctly on Gentoo (AMD64 also), maybe someone can have a look at how they did?


Antti Pyykko a écrit :

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004, Alan Woodland wrote:

And oh yes, Eterm is bugging annoyingly on AMD64.

Is this the bug to which you refer? I had a quick look the other day, and thought it might have been something dead simple by fixing all of the warnings, but apparently not. I'm not too sure how to go about debugging further because it now seems to me like some kind of memory allocation problem and they tend to be rather hard to track down.

Interesting. I'd say it's exactly the same bug. Here's what I see after
doing a 'man import' and then 'ls -l':

I'm using WindowMaker as my window manager. If I switch to second virtual desktop and back or to another screen (the GNU screen(1)) and back then Eterm cleans up:

But whenever there's text scrolling involved it gets corrupted again.
Perhaps the scrolling routines are buggy? (Just a _very_ wild guess)

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