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Install report: Asus K8N-E (deluxe)

Hello there!

I bought myself some Athlon64 gear this week and spent friday
evening assembling the new box. Then I installed Debian AMD64
on it. I used
After a few rounds (HDDs on NForce SATA didn't detect, so I had
to move them to SiI instead) I got the installation going. I used the mirror at bach.hpc2n.umu.se. After base install I did a
dpkg --set-selections < my_old_ia32_selections.txt and then hit
apt-get dselect-upgrade. Then I manually copied most of my old /etc settings to the new installation. The final step was to compile a new kernel, I fetched 2.6.9-final from the nearest mirror, then applied matroxfb-2.6.9-rc2.gz from ftp://platan.vc.cvut.cz/pub/linux/matrox-latest/, then applied a patch from the Matrox Marvel driver_fb cvs tree and compiled it. So far so good, my box seems to be working fine. :)

The Asus K8N-E (Deluxe) has NForce3 250GB chipsed, so the drivers are:
* nforce for ATA
* no ATA "Raid"
* sata_sil for SATA
* no SCSI
* forcedeth for Network
* intel8x0 for Sound
In case someone wants to add them to the K8 Mainboards Linux compatibility list.

Other stuff I have in my box:
* Matrox G400 32MB DualHead AGP
* Matrox Rainbow Runner G-series (A Video/TV-tuner addon card for G400)
* CM8738-based sound card
* Intel eepro100 for Ethernet
* Adaptec AHA-2940W for SCSI
Two things surprised me when compiling kernel: that there is no 64bit
TI ThunderLAN driver and that the RRG worked flawlessly even on 64bit system (using drivers from marvel.sourceforge.net driver_fb CVS tree).
Gladly I had a spare eepro100 to replace the tlan.

Now all I need is to get that 2nd head of my Matrox G400 working! Any suggestions and help are very welcome and greatly appreciated! =)

(Or if someone knows that there's no way I'll get it working then please speak out so I'll start hunting for an old PCI Matrox :))

And oh yes, Eterm is bugging annoyingly on AMD64.

Other than that, everything seems to be working as expected.

Big thanks to the whole Debian AMD64 team!

 Antti Pyykko ---> pyksy@pyksy.fi ---> +358 50 539 5438 --.
.--- OAMK <--- http://www.pyksy.fi/ <--- pyksy @IrcNet <--'
`-> The OTEki Information Minister -> Linux/Amiga/c64 freak
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