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Re: Buggy Eterm (Was: Re: Install report: Asus K8N-E (deluxe))

Interesting. I'd say it's exactly the same bug. Here's what I see after
doing a 'man import' and then 'ls -l':

I'm using WindowMaker as my window manager. If I switch to second virtual desktop and back or to another screen (the GNU screen(1)) and back then Eterm cleans up:

But whenever there's text scrolling involved it gets corrupted again.
Perhaps the scrolling routines are buggy? (Just a _very_ wild guess)

Yeah, thats exactly the same thing, I've also noticed that when it has to redraw itself it draws correctly, so I tried adding random calls to src_refresh(SLOW_REFRESH) in various places that looked like they might be related to scrolling, but with no apparent effect.


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