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Maybe a stupid question


I have a laptop (Acer Aspire 1511LMi) with a broadcom wlan card which has no driver for linux, and ndiswrapper does not work in pure64 as there is no 64 driver for MS Windows... I think many of us have the same problem! As far as I can understand it, the only way to get this card working (until Broadcom release the specs) is to run a 32 bits kernel, but in that case, what would be the point in having a AMD64? Isn't it possible to run a minimal 32 bits kernel in user-mode (in a kind of virtual machine), just to run ndiswrapper on?

If this is totaly stupid and couldn't work, can please someone tell me why (for my own culture)? Is this can be done, how can I help?

Thank you


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