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Re: Recommendations for cheap Linux-compatible Opteron mobo

For the easily upset stop reading....look for the button with the trash

>  I think it would be good if an official Debian person would weigh in with a
> comment on where to draw the line in terms of threads going off on tangents
> about hardware (or even being purely about hardware in the first place)...

 I think we should just have a long, devolved OT thread on what should
and shouldn't be talked about on the list.


 If it's just this specific question that bugs you write up a couple
short mails on what hardware to avoid, that politely but firmly explains
this list isn't intended to be a hardware list, and where to ask those
sorta questions. You could mail it to the list this letter, and as a
group we could forward it to questions that are best answered some where
else, who knows maybe it could even be posted somewhere as a FAQ, or be
sent out when someone first subscribes. 

also, there's not some devine mandate to pay attention to any and all
questions on the list, that's why we were given /dev/null and
collapsible threads.


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