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Re: Recommendations for cheap Linux-compatible Opteron mobo

On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 08:11:33PM -0700, Alex Perry wrote:
> If you want a AMD64 3000+, 60 GB hard drive, 512 MB memory basic server, 
> two hour UPS, keyboard, scrollwheel mouse, etc ...
> the e-machines M6805 laptop is available from best buy for $1100 or so 
> at the moment.

Does it have supported video?

> The complexities of accelerated 3D, wireless networking and other 
> desktop peripherals are irrelevant if you're going to use it as a 64 bit 
> server.  As a bonus, since it is a mobile processor, you can speedstep 
> it from 3000+ to 2700+ and even down to 1300+ equivalent speeds.  Really 
> handy.  Offhand I don't recall whether it uses ECC memory, but I'd 
> assume not.

My wife bought a Compaq R3240ca for $1800cdn which is a 3200+ with 60G
512M, nvidia 440MX go video and 15.4 WXGA display and a DVD+RW drive and
(stupid hard to make work) broadcom 11g.  Still have to get her to try
loading 64bit debian in addition to the 32bit.

Lennart Sorensen

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