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Re: Recommendations for cheap Linux-compatible Opteron mobo

On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 09:13:55AM +0800, Paolo Alexis Falcone wrote:
> Any recommendations for a relatively cheap Linux-compatible opteron
> motherboard? I'm looking forward for acquiring a couple of
> single/dual-opteron boards for server stuff.

 Why not use a socket 754 Athlon64?  Unless you need a ton of RAM, it should
be fine.  You can use registered ECC memory with them.  The 32bit 33MHz PCI
could be a bottleneck for you, though.  If none of those are a concern, an
Abit KV8Pro or an Asus K8V (or K8V-X if you don't need the extra Promise
SATA) should do nicely.  I eventually decided on the K8V over the KV8Pro,
because I'm not into overclocking (the K8T800Pro chipset has an AGP/PCI
clock lock), and 3 DIMM slots instead of 2 sounded good.  I took a long time
to decide, and eventually it came down to seeing an Analog Devices sound
chip on the K8V, vs. Realtek on the KV8Pro :)  I don't know if Realtek's
sound hw is as cheap as their ethernet (rtl8139 has a crappy programming
interface), but I just needed something to tip the scales one way or the
other :)

 For dual opteron, Tyan boards (esp S2881 and 2) aren't cheap, but they're
nice.  (Tyan even _supports_ LinuxBios on them, and has an lm_sensors config
you can download.)

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