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Re: Recommendations for cheap Linux-compatible Opteron mobo

On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 08:47:09PM +0200, Roland Fehrenbacher wrote:
>     Ron> What's ASRock?
> Could you please keep this spam of the list???????

 In that spirit, I'll reply to another message from this thread here,
instead of in a separate message:  I said you could use ECC RAM with
Athlon64, and someone said you have to use ECC RAM with Opteron.  (Both of
those things are true.)  My point was that if you wanted a server with ECC
RAM to prevent crashes due to cosmic rays, you don't need an Opteron,
because Athlon64 (even the socket 754 version) can use ECC RAM.  i.e. ECC
RAM doesn't require Opteron.

> Mind you, this is a Debian AMD64 list and not some hardware discussion
> forum!!!

 I thought AMD64 was such a new architecture that a lot of people are just
getting them, and so on.  Maybe people should be reading linuxhardware.org
or something, but I think it's better for people to post here and get
steered towards good hardware (with Free drivers when possible) than for
them to go out and buy bad stuff (esp. ATI Radeon > 9200) and then ask how
to make it work with Debian :(

 I think it would be good if an official Debian person would weigh in with a
comment on where to draw the line in terms of threads going off on tangents
about hardware (or even being purely about hardware in the first place)...

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