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Re: AMD64 Status Update -- And Future Directions

* John Goerzen (jgoerzen@complete.org) wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 01:12:46AM +0100, Roland Fehrenbacher wrote:
> > Fellow multiarch backers: How are we going to proceed from here? We need to get
> > out of the theory phase and do some practical stuff soon in my opinion. What
> > can be done, what is the status/plan, Goswin, Bart, Arndt, .... 
> Incidentally, as far as I can tell right now, that is the only path that
> will lead me to conclude that pure64 right now is wrong.  More
> specifically, multiarch that *works*, and that the dpkg/apt maintainers
> can agree with you on, and have implemented.

Unless an amd64 multiarch system could be put together in short order
similar to the rate the pure64 system is going I'd feel the pure64 port
is right to do for the interim.  The most-accepted multiarch I've seen
so far has been the 'lib64blah' binary packages which go along with
'libblah-dev' packages, and that's got all kinds of problems.  My point
here, however, is that even with the core things fixed to support that
scenario the porting of all the library packages in Debian would likely
take a number of months to a year to complete.  I'd hate to have to wait
that long to be able to use my amd64 system. :/

Perhaps it'd go faster, or what I need specifically would be done
faster, but at the moment that doesn't feel like it'd be the case.

	Thanks again,

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