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Re: AMD64 Status Update -- And Future Directions

On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 01:12:46AM +0100, Roland Fehrenbacher wrote:
> Fellow multiarch backers: How are we going to proceed from here? We need to get
> out of the theory phase and do some practical stuff soon in my opinion. What
> can be done, what is the status/plan, Goswin, Bart, Arndt, .... 

Incidentally, as far as I can tell right now, that is the only path that
will lead me to conclude that pure64 right now is wrong.  More
specifically, multiarch that *works*, and that the dpkg/apt maintainers
can agree with you on, and have implemented.

Multiarch that "works" on Alioth is not necessarily multiarch that
"works" for Debian.  At some point, if a multiarch AMD64 is to become a
reality, the multiarch AMD64 folks *must* resolve the impasse with the
dpkg folks.

-- John

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