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Re: Pure64 chroot available

John Goerzen writes:
 > On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 11:39:21AM -0500, Brett Viren wrote:
 > > I'd like to mirror these as well.  Anyway to get at them via rsync?
 > If you are a Debian developer, you can log on to people.debian.org and
 > do whatever you like (including rsync) from there.  

I'm not.  

 > I don't think I can
 > set up my own rsync server there, but debmirror or pavuk may be able to
 > do what you want.

Okay, I'll just do a simple wget mirror.  I guess the packages won't
be rebuilt very often for now so rsync may not be so necessary.

The URL for the mirrored packages (filling up as I type) is: 



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