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Re: Swap memory (Off topic for AMD64)

>   This was discussed many times, but I belive we can
> discuss it again since memory is really cheap these
> days.

$7,000 per 4GB DIMM is still not cheap enough for me...

>   Consider I can buy 4GB of RAM for a workstation, do
> you still think we should use swap space for the
> system? I believe now we can leave without it.
> Supposed I'm forgetting something, how big should it
> be? What do you think? 

This is not specific to AMD64, of course.

It's very simple:

  If you have more ram than you need, then you don't need swap.

  If you don't have more tham than you need, then you do need swap.

How much RAM do you need?  (This depends on what you want to do
with your system.)


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