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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

Stephen Frost <sfrost@snowman.net> writes:

>> IMO, Debian has always been a little slow about these things, which
>> has something to do with its quality.  (I.e., Debian is very stable
>> precisely because it changes so slowly.)  Once every other
>> distribution on earth has a native AMD64 port, Debian will follow.
>> Until then, there's always Gentoo, which seems to have very active
>> AMD64 development.
> Yeah, so, that's a load of bullshit. :)

LOL, which part is bullshit?  Debian development being slow?  Debian
being stable as a result?  Debian eventually having an AMD64 port?
Gentoo having more active AMD64 development?  It may sound like
flamebait the way I put it, but every single statement I made is
factually correct.

> Debian is slow in this regard only because people are trying to get
> 32/64bit handling to work in our intelligent packaging system in a
> sane and reasonable way that doesn't require changing every source
> package in the archive.

Agreed that this is a good approach.  I haven't gone and installed
Gentoo, despite my having had an Opteron system since November.  I
*like* the way Debian works; I'm used to it; and the machine performs
very well even on 32 bit code.  Therefore, I see little reason to
switch.  However, if someone has different priorities and not a lot of
time to help in making this thing happen, they *should* look at other
distributions for the short term.


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