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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

* Falk Hueffner (falk.hueffner@student.uni-tuebingen.de) wrote:
> John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:
> > So it seems to me that the great benefit to many people of having a
> > native 64-bit userland has been sacrificed for the questionable
> > benefit of being able to run proprietary software without making a
> > chroot.
> Nobody objects to having native 64-bit packages when this is sensible
> for a package.  If that was the case, we could just install i386
> Debian and be done with it, after all.  So I really fail to see your
> problem.

No, the general agreement has been that everything will be recompiled as
64bit for amd64.  The issue is that we want the libraries to go into
/lib64/ and we want to support installing i386 debs onto amd64 systems.
Having these requirements means that we've got to change the packaging
system, but we don't want to have to change every source package in the
archive to support the new system.  This is why it's complicated and we
still havn't come up with a very good solution that fits all of these


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